or maybe not

A very squirrelly plumber arrived two and a half hours late last night with his shitty little camera. (see how I did that?)
As he was going down the stairs I mentioned that this was the $50 pipe inspection to which he replied that this was the $99 pipe inspection. We all froze (a crowd had gathered for this spectacular video display) and he folded quickly: if the boss said $50, I guess it's $50, I get paid by the hour so I don't care. I'd like to say that he SAID that sentence but that would be exaggerating as he sort of mumbled that sentence, very quickly, into his coat collar and became somewhat unintelligible for the rest of the time he was at our house (15 minutes?).
He let K see roots in the pipe at 14 feet (we measured after he left and that would be the big tree on the front lawn) and then obscured (purposely) some kind of issue at 45 feet (which may or may not be the responsibility of the town). He quoted an astronomical figure to "save the pipe" with an epoxy procedure and K said he'd have to research it. He dropped the price by $700 and said they could schedule it to be done the next morning. We paid him and sent him on his way. Our intention is to continue maintaining the pipe. And to buy shoes. Nearly all of us have agreed on the purchasing of shoes.
Aren't you glad you clicked over here?

There is a tie for Rider Of Shame on the railroad this week:


This woman did her whole face in makeup. I, as you may remember, feel that the application of makeup is not something one does in public, no less whilst seated amongst commuters.

OR, there's the two boys (early twenties) who were seated in the facing seats last night, talking shit about people, with their filthy/muddy shoes up on the seats. They were gruesome and one of them flashed a lot of cash at Youngest while the one next to me FARTED.
Now that I have typed it, I think they win.


There were olive-laden branches in the flower district yesterday. Gorgeous. Helps us wipe the memory of the boys on the train, yes?


I wish you could see how beautiful this vest was.

Then, this morning, I went to the kitchen at the office and saw the empty ice tray on the counter.
I thought I'd be nice and refill it...



I know who is responsible.


Anonymous said…
Yay shoes!

When I used to always have a freezer that would frost over, I finally gave up and just bought a little plastic fir tree and stuck it inside. It looked like a miniature snow scene.

I don't know who is responsible for that little gal being in there, but I like it.

Paola said…
Ever told ou how many times Fabio had to do that pipes cleaning here in the summer? No? Really?


Shinny said…
You can fix that root problem yourself. They make root remover that you dump down the pipe, I know not environmentally friendly, but cheaper then a plumber doing the roto-rooter and then breaking the pipe which you then have to pay for. They also make a foaming agent that you should use with the root remover stuff, this makes sure that the entire pipe, especially the top where the roots most likely enter the pipe, gets covered with the remover. Yay SHOES! Can't wait to see what you get. I love your style.
raych said…
My favorite part of this post is how scandalized you sound when the commuter next to you FARTED.