oh, the irony

Of course, because I was all I'm going to buy some shoes! and some things for the oncoming spring! and am I getting a spring bonus? cause I'm sure there are things I could buy with just a little of it...our main sewer line has, again, become overcome with tree roots.
We had the guy come out and clear the line yesterday but (this is the ironic part) will have to have a guy put a camera down into the pipe to see exactly where it needs replacing. Not that we don't own several of those very cameras and yet none of them can be sacrificed for the sewer line.
No shoes pour moi.

But let's not dwell - let's look at some photos from today's commute!


This fellow was walking just ahead of me and stopped for a light, stepped off the curb and on to some cardboard in the street and went ass over teakettle. He fell really hard but was on his feet again by the time I reached him. I asked if he was okay and he seemed fine and said something about being kind of out of it this morning. I suggested coffee and Advil, we had a little laugh and he was on his way.


Her boots were PERFECT. I always wanted legs like that...two straight sticks. Alas. Short and stumpy.


I see this family every day. She is breathtakingly beautiful. The children are gorgeous.


The waffle truck makes the sidewalk smell AMAZING.




I have started working on a top-secret petit-point project and am loving it.

I'm also reading this and am finding myself so moved.


L.P. said…
Sorry about the shoes, bummer.

Your commuting photos are always so entertaining! An adventure every day, just getting to work.
Wendy said…
Thank you.
alice c said…
No, no, no. There should not be an equation sewer pipes = new shoes. Life can be so unfair.

Let's talk about the needlepoint - seriously? Is that you or a body double?
Paola said…
Crafting and reading.

Who are you and what did you do with our Bb ...
Jan said…
Me, too. About the book.

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