March 7, 2013

it is Thursday, now with the missing Nora Ephron link

I'm having a sort of stressful week, I've just realized.
Some deadlines, some issues, some details are stressing me a bit.
But I also have a little collection of links and photos - so lets look around...

I finished this and was so moved. I can't say enough about it and have lent my copy to The New Guy at work.

Do you require a taco? Economical and easy to use!

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.32.44 AM

I'm tempted to ask a friend in London to order and send me this:




makes me love Harrison Ford even more.

K has painted the kitchen ceiling which has been soot stained for years.


He's been very busy with house projects and is now ready for a work project.
(knock knock, anyone there?)


Like pencils, we are.


Believe me, I'd like to.

Jacob Bernstein has written a thoughtful piece about his mother, Nora Ephron, and I thank him as I, like many many others, found myself bereft and bewildered at what I thought was her sudden passing.

We are on our third (?) day of waiting for snow.


alice c said...

If I was your friend in London I would need the linky thing for the tunic.

Cate said...

I need the linky thing for the tunic because I want to see it better so I can make one. Please?

blackbird said...

oh geez...

Duyvken said...

Oh Blackbird, K uses drop sheets! I am swooning just a little.

L.P. said...

Yes yes yes have your friend get the tunic.

So who's the New Guy at work??

Paola said...

Saint K.

Wendy said...

Do you need a taco? Easy to make. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

The Jacob Bernstein piece is beautiful and thought provoking. I'm shaking inside after reading it.