hither and yon

We were quite excited during the Pope-voting yesterday.
People were crowding around monitors, looking at smoke.
I think he is an adorable choice and I've read a bit about his politics and am as impressed as I can be considering who he is and his new role.

Oldest is away for a week or so. He left with great trepidation. Dog-sitting. Fingers crossed.

Middle leaves for his shoot this afternoon and will be gone for at least a week.

Youngest reports a sore throat (which is going around). We'll watch that.

I would never have thought Kate Moss had such a wonderful deep voice. I might like her better now.

Did you know that Google Reader is shutting down? Yes. And I, meanwhile, have paid my ten dollars and am now visible at blackbird17.com. It cost $10.00 to lose the blogspot. Progress, eh?
I am researching Feedly.

Middle and I debate this photo. I say he's old school, Middle says he's a jerk.

Pretty things, not terribly expensive. YOU should remember them for Mother's Day, which I HATE.

How were we not playing actual Scrabble (tm in a circle) on our phones? We've been playing Words With Friends (tm in a circle). What was the story there?

I could waste a lot of time here.

And they've changed Pinterest too. Sheesh.


Amy A. said…
I had a "moment" thinking about you not having the BlogSpot. I'm better now, knowing you will continue on somewhere else. :) In my topsy-turvy world, Say la vee is sort of a constant. I would miss it if it were gone.
Adventure Otaku said…
I don't think Jerk is right. But middle is closer than you are.

L.P. said…
I've been trying out the new Pinterest for the past few days, and I don't like it. The old style is much cleaner and easier to look at.

Kind of with Middle on the typewriter guy. Too noisy.
Paola said…
I'm pretty behind with my blog reading ... isn't the Pope a sweet, humble yet strong figure? We are excited and hopeful.
Did I tell you I only started using Google Reader a few months ago? HAHAHAHA it totally makes sense they'd shut it down.

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