dinner by request

Oldest chose chicken with tarragon cream.
Youngest asked for Philly cheese steaks.
Middle is a little obsessed with a particular pork dish.

And, knowing K is always up for pork, they put their heads together for the recipe and picked up some banana leaves (as seen in yesterday's post). We had all of the other ingredients.
Just for fun, there's a video cooking lesson.


Sounds good.
I'll keep you posted.


Paola said…
Nobody asked for anything but meat, interesting. That banana leaves cooking method, I've only tried it once in my life, in Bora Bora where they cooked their pork meat wrapped in banana Leaves and cooked in a big hole in the ground, covered with a lot more wet leaves and charcoals. I was skeptical but ... it was really delicious.
Anonymous said…
Not only does that look delish - its on the list to try - but that was an awesomely shot video. AND we do the menu trick at home. Ours has a lot of things on it, and we use it when we can't figure out what to have.


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