clearing my desk(top)

Do you do this?
All week long I take screenshots or bookmark or leave tabs open for things I want to read about/look at over the weekend.
On Sunday morning I sit with tea, in my bed, and pore over them all (usually whilst Oldest bothers me for Irish oatmeal)(yes, only I seem to be able to make it correctly and it takes time).
Here's this week's lot.

We have reconstructed our West Elm day-bed in K's office downstairs and are slowly adding lots of wonderful pillows. I think this throw might be nice too...along with a winning lottery ticket.


I hadn't thought about it but Etsy might be a nice place to browse for pillows too.


I listened to A.E. Hotchner tell a wonderful story, yesterday, on the Moth Radio Hour, about bullfighting and Hemingway. You ought to find a link. I am lazy.




Or these?


I require a pair of flat(ish) shoes for spring/summer. The top ones are from Emerson Fry and the bottom ones from Frye (coincidence!). I know which ones K would choose.


 Or these?!

I love this look in the spring but never remember to do it.
to do it.


I am, sometimes, a sucker for this kind of thing - and this was a good one.


A note from Houzz re turquoise ceilings. All of our ceilings are shades of blue and it couldn't make me happier. Try it.


This week I read about tiny efficient kitchens. I believe I could live with this one.

Note to me: Poppy bought and lost this lipstick...I believe I may have one unused (I have a good friend at Chanel).


And speaking of our Poppy, who is on the mend, I think we'll see her next in September.
We are researching accommodations.


Not too expensive, please.


Within walking distance to Poppy's place.

It's nice to have even a small trip to look forward to.

Enjoy your sunday - it's nearly time for the oatmeal.


Style Shack said…
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I understand Oldest wanting YOUR oatmeal. My adults (too weird to call them kids) say "But Mom, it tastes so much better when you make it".

Love all those pillows on the Etsy page.
Wendy said…
The shoes K would pick will give you blisters. All that rubbing on the heel with no way to hold your foot in. Sorry, K.

Anonymous said…
believe it or not...

the platforms.

alice c said…
Get the platforms.

That is all.
L.P. said…
Yes, Irish oatmeal does take a bit of time. Done right, it's a beautiful thing for breakfast on a winter morning.

Love the shoes from Emerson Fry! I thought all she did was pointy-toed kitten-heel pumps. I was obviously wrong.

Glad to hear Poppy's on the mend. The Drake is a lovely old hotel-- I always wanted to stay there, so it gets my vote.
Paola said…
I am shocked by K's pick. I like the second pair.
Suse said…
I like the first pair.
Poppy B. said…
I like them all, although, as with the oxfords, I can't understand why some shoe manufacturers are doing those upward-leaning soles. Why are they doing that? It makes the shoes much less beautiful to look at when they're not being worn. (OK, maybe I'm the only person who fusses about that.)

I've bought the dress I plan to wear the Saturday night of your visit. Should I post it?
Anonymous said…
Poppy, Yes. As for the shoes, the oxford I think. The giant knitted throw is awesome.
Anonymous said…
I've had a pair of the Fryes for over a year and they're a great, comfy, multi-seasonal shoe that I can wear with almost anything. Far more comfortable than flats.

heidi said…
The Best of 2012.... tears right here at my desk!!!! Send me a tissue.
Anonymous said…
Oh please do get the platforms! Good call, K.

Magpie said…
i love the emerson fry shoes. also, i think i have to now paint a ceiling blue. or the underside of my front stoop maybe...