an update on Middle

As Middle was leaving town last week I asked that he text me from time to time to keep me posted on his whereabouts and such. And if he brought a warm enough coat. Or a hat.
He's been awfully good about it and I've realized that he's sending me a sort of photo essay of his days.


He is staying in this lovely pink room belonging to the sister of his buddy/the director.
Adorable, yes?
I told him I like his Coach bag.
And his beer.


I know that he is deeply thrilled (and yet not at all effusive) about shooting with this camera.
It's a Red and it is the camera of his dreams. He has spoken fondly of it for a few years and I, being the plucky little clown I am, suggested he marry it. It's a very special camera and enables video guys to make video that is even clearer than we can see with our eyes. Or something.


Here he is with it at the end of Day Two.
You can tell how much he loves it, can't you?


They've had some cold nights. He still hasn't told me if he has a hat.
Is that someone laying on the ground on the far right? I do not know.


They have plenty of cases.

That's Kick Start My Heart. Middle likes some Motley Crüe, especially in the car.

They drove down to Exit 0.


Which is a long way. But Middle and his buddy D do well together on these kinds of projects.


Will I ever see this historic film?
It's anybody's guess.

PS: That is not Middle.


robiewankenobie said…
the first thing that comes to mind when i think of you in tuvalu? plucky. little. clown.

kmkat said…
Oh, but you let us see just a little bit more of his face in that photo with the camera. He is man now, isn't he?