regarding Wednesday

As today is our last full day here, yesterday was, of course, the day we finally let everything go and relaxed. I really wanted a full day at the beach and we had one. We drove down to my favorite beach and rented a couple of chairs. This is notable as we never rent chairs here as we have a beach blanket and it usually serves us well. But two conditions make the blanket less than ideal and, if you want to spend hours in the sun/wind here you'll need two things: a lounge to get you up off the sand (which is like talc) and an umbrella to shield you so you don't cook. For $20US those things were the deal of the day.


Once that was set - so were we.


We swam, we sunned, we read, we people-watched.


(This family had a wonderful time posing for each other.)


K brought his new camera and took it underwater.
 These men walked by.


(Which had me thinking perhaps things are changing here.)

For most of the day we were all alone, resting and relaxing and swimming.
But there was the lady with the menu for lunch and the fellow with the boogie boards and the man offering coconut water and the boy with the jewelry.
When we got hungry I started to think of what we'd like from back at the house... I made a list.


I climbed back up to the car and went to fetch things.
I made K some leftover fish with peas and rice and hot sauce and bought us another couple of hours (and probably saved us $50US).
And all of this is just words because what is best remembered is time alone with K, no worries, good food, the gorgeous ocean and just being present.

I sat back and watched him play in the waves. My valentine.



Susie Sunshine said…
I am now homesick for the ocean.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you and your Valentine. The memories of this day will feed you for a long time to come.

Scot said…
I'm really happy for the two of you. Its great that you're having a wonderful time in a beautiful place. I was jealous that you are at a beautiful beach with warm sand and great weather(its 17 degrees and snowing here!) A vacation is such a wonderful way to put a smile on your soul.
HOWEVER, I got my Girl Scout cookies today and I'm making hot chocolate. So at the end of the day, I'm as happy as you! :o)

Take a baggie of sand home with you. Sooner or later, you'll be glad you did.
Paola said…
Ahhhh, great idea and the video ... the breeze (strong wind?), the green waves, grogeous K, everything is beautiful and relaxed. Thank you for sharing this private moment with us.

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