My weekend flew by.
I did a lot of housework (after our visit to Art School) and even cleaned the washing machine.
(I know. Slightly OCD.)
I also dumped hundreds of photos from my laptop on to a disk and dumped lots of photos from my phone to my laptop.

Hence: random.


This is the F'real machine at Art School.


You choose a flavor and open your cup and put it in the machine.


Gather up your supplies...a spoon, a straw, a spoonstraw...


It's F'real!

Upstairs is the toy lab.


No shoes, no photos.

My favorite office-magazine arrived last week.


Eye hazards abound!

I haven't let go of our trip.

I could use just two more days on that beach.
(That's K, in the waves, on a very windy day.)
Have I shown you Blackbird Rock?

 Blackbird Rock

Sometimes just a little high-maintenance.


Hey. Who isn't?

I have it in mind to buy some things for spring/summer.
I can go this way:


 or this way -

 tough call.


Wonderful paper creations at Art School.


My favorite Ikea art.


Not bad either.

I bought this jacket for the gala, in September.
The gala was supposed to take place on October 29th but we had the hurricane and the gala was postponed.
I never wore the jacket and finally put it on at the end of January. That's when I noticed that one pocket was torn, one pocket was never sewn shut, both sleeve linings ripped within one hour of putting it on and one of the seams opened. I wrote to the manufacturer as I could not imagine the retailer would be helpful four months after the purchase and I have not heard a word. Who made the jacket that fell apart on the first wearing? SANCTUARY, which I can only imagine is a cheap knock off of AllSaints. If you are in the market for an edgy, slightly pirate-y jacket, beware of this brand. Crappe.


Think of vacation...forget the jacket...that's our living room, with its billowing white curtains, flowing during the windy evenings while K and I sat on the terrace...it was like a dream.


That would be me at Parent's Day.
And this would be the very last thing we saw that day at Art School: the ping pong match.




Poppy B. said…
I think you've got a little Johnny-Depp-as-Captain-Jack-Sparrow going on on parents' day. Maybe I'm feeling a smoky eye? Anyway, boo to Sanctuary with their cheap crappe, and yay bird for being naturally piratical!
heidi said…
I hope you purchased the Blackbird art...
Anonymous said…
I love this randomness. You were the cool mom at Art School. The picture and description of Youngest on the train are priceless. And definitely the white sneaks. But I guess it depends on what you'll be doing. : )

Paola said…
Are you kidding us with the pumps? Random is lovely.
Hi Poppy!!!
F'real. Mind officially blown.

Also, Youngest might have been better if he'd managed to wear a bit more black...