random weekend notes


I took flowers from the gala. Here they are on our table on Sunday morning.


Commuter Of The Week (Saturday afternoon, actually) whipped out a sketch pad and a mirror and did an amazing self portrait with her pencils.


It's been Valenki weather.

On Sunday morning...


we ALL went to the supermarket to grab stuff the boys want to eat while K and I are away.


You'd think they were ten year-olds.


alice c said…
I recognise that food group although I am surprised it will be enough for three. MasterM could that lot all by himself over a weekend.
Anonymous said…
The first thing I also thought when seeing that cart's basket was that it's not enough. I'm afraid they are going to run right through all of that hedonistic deliciousness and then starve the rest of the time. Maybe freeze some soup for them just in case.

I may come by to see if they are okay. And for a piece of that lemon meringue pie.
there's an actual line people use trying to lose weight - don't eat like a teenager whose parents have gone away.

Also - do you have VELVET couches? #swoons
Paola said…
10 or high leveled hormones ... lol ...
kmkat said…
We buy those same tortilla chips. If you are ever in Dallas, go eat @ On The Border. It's in a suburb on the northern side of the city. Best fajitas anywhere, ever. When I used to have to go to Dallas on business about once a month, the locals would always take us there.
Suse said…
Kim, i have slept on that velvet squishy couch. It is marvellously comfortable.
blackbird said…
I've thought of replacing it from time to time - not because it's worn, just because it's 20 years old, but no one will hear of it!
Everyone loves it.
raych said…
Space boots. *space-walking sounds (like, BOIIIIING BOIIIIIING BOOOOIIIIIING)*

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