oh, I am going

K and I leave at the end of the week - alone at last.
I am bursting with excitement.
I could go straight from the plane to the ocean, I'm telling you.


I have some things to put in order at work.


The CEO must travel to London. There are details to arrange.


I have some small things to wrap up.


We'll set things up so the boys have what they need while we are away.

We sit with maps/photos/plans for what to see and what to do.
But really - from the plane, to the sea...maybe a stop at the market for some food.

The shoes? I mean to have a pair of oxfords in the spring. I saw that last pair yesterday, in town and they were like a piece of art, quite honestly.
(And I could have bought a painting for what they cost.)


Anonymous said…
I've been on an oxfords kick (heh heh), too. I found a pair that are black with a brown middle part (where the laces are), on sale online. I feel so stylish in them; although I don't think they're really 'in,' they are classic.

You're brilliant to take a lovely trip now, both to avoid letdown after all the energy you put into the event, and the doldrums of February. Carol
Paola said…
Oh I would love to go on vacation!!! Have fun, savor lazy days in the sun and with a drink in your hand and good music while you chat with your gorgeous boy. Enjoy!!!
The shoes, I love Rucoline which is very similar to the last pair (i have an identical kind of shoe), they're comfortable as you know I don't wear high heels here ... gasp!
alice c said…
I'm afraid that I would look like a Maths teacher in oxfords.

One thing - don't wear oxfords to the beach - the sand will get trapped in the design detail.
Anonymous said…
Mm, the metallic ones are divine, no? So pretty with your hair.

Plane to store to beach sounds ideal. Have a good week wrapping it all up.

Soft Rock Mama said…
Enjoy your vacation!