now and then


The boys were much younger.
Same spot.


I told them not to go in the water while K and I went across the street to buy some groceries.

It's a little strange to be here without them.
I keep seeing things they talked about -  or named.
There's a house with tons of old cars in the yard and Middle dubbed it The Used Car Lot.
There are puppies barking down the street. We used to hear them from the other house.


That's the other house.
That wall, just in front of the stop sign, is the entrance to the little cluster of houses we are in this time. There are still cows around.
And when we go through the traffic circle, where the doctor is, I get a little pang thinking about the time Youngest and Middle had pneumonia while we were here.

Today we went to the fish market and bought marlin and tuna and flying fish. Some for dinner, some for home. Mostly $4 per pound. The fishing boats bring it in and you deal with a lady in an apron (it's an outdoor market) and she sends you to the guy with the machete-length knife who cuts it for you. (Then you go get some Delish to rub on it.)


Middle sent this photo of home this morning. Very dense fog.



Breezy curtains and


long, lingering cups of tea on the terrace.


Paola said…
...what about Vida? Did you see her this time?