for going home

Agree to leave this.




If you are sure, if you are relaxed and ready to go home, get lost on the way to the airport, return your scrappy yet wonderful little rental car, watch the storm roll in. Bring your bags to check in. 30lbs overweight? Must be the hot sauce. Offload some frozen fish to your carry-on. Get your cigars and fish and other questionables through security and find the bar.


A shy and beautiful bartender can help soften the blow of departure.
Discuss current events. Perhaps a meteorite hit Russia? Who knew?!

They'll call your flight. Follow the stripe.



 Follow your sweetheart.


Try not to have a little cry.

Have the little cry when the plane tips its wing and you catch a glimpse of the beach again.
Then focus on the Richard Gere movie and the adorable Marco, a bartender from a cruise ship. He's traveling with a three-foot tall stuffed monkey toy named Frederico. Marco and Frederico snuggle up and sleep and wake to tell you about ocean crossings and working on a ship.
Marco's doing his last tour as he's started a business with his sister in Brazil, a thriving spa!

Land in the cold, snowy city where Oldest awaits in the Jeep.
Panic over the fish and the cigars and the hot sauce, and the customs officer as she has a stern appearance. Watch while she stops the people from Ecuador and makes inquiries regarding powdered milk. Smile when it's your turn. She'll read your blue form: candy, rum, frozen fish, and  smile back when she waves you through.

Find Oldest and the Jeep, ride home, hand out presents, snuggle into your own warm bed.

Rested and happy.


L.P. said…
"Candy, rum, frozen fish" sounds like part of a children's rhyme to me (maybe while jumping rope?).

Glad it went well, even the leave-taking.
Thank Goodness you didn't have to ditch the cigars. We're having the same conversations about bringing cigars back from Punta Cana. I don't think we'll be bringing home any frozen fish.

Glad you had a happy, restful vacation.
Paola said…
You have no idea the cries I used to go through when leaving Tuvalu. People watching me cries, heavy sobs ones. Heart wrenching ones. So I understand ... it's so hard leaving someplace you truly love.
Scot said…
I love the fact that K wears a nice sports coat on a flight. I thought I was the only guy to still do that. My dad aleays told me to always be a bit more than presentable on a flight. Plus, you never know how cold it's going to be on flight on wher you land.
Right on K!