February 26, 2013


I had to bring some materials to my boss, at a meeting off site, today, which put me just a couple of blocks from one of my favorite stores in the world.
There is not a thing, not a single item, on the main floor of this place that I would not gladly accept as a gift.
Every single thing speaks to me.


The jewelry is spectacular, in a quiet way.
These celadon necklaces caught my eye...as did these slightly goth-y blackened silver pendants.


Foxes are very fashionable.


These three-fingered mittens were reduced to $100. They were cashmere - and might not itch me.


Cashmere itches me.


 Pearls as prayer beads? Yep.


Everything in the Matta department is gorgeous and flow-y and silky and light.


I'm thinking of a stripey scarf for spring.


The Gary Graham dresses were on sale. For $500. Sad, sighing emoticon.


Do you, sort of, love the love pillow? I sort of love the love pillow.


 It doesn't look like much of a dress but it was beautiful. It was the best non-color ever.


In this case? Treasure.


 Wonderful scented candles.


 Ditto. It's like Anthropologie (with whom I've broken up) on steroids.


 A dizzying array of soaps!


But my favorite thing for today: Exquisite chunks of recycled blue-green glass.
I want one of these most of all.


dervla said...

oooh i know where you were :) And I'd be in soap and candle heaven too.

Suzanne said...

Lovely... *sigh*

Poppy Buxom said...

I feel that way about the ground floor of Barney's on Oak Street. Really, you could get me anything there and I would love it. Get on that, would you?

Scot said...

I don't know if I could sleep on that LOVE pillow. It seems more of a command than a sentiment. As in LOVE, NOW DAMNIT! Maybe a nice swirly-curly font wouldn't shout at me. They do look crisp though. I like a crisp pillow.

kmkat said...

I have a chunk of pale pinkish glass about the size of a grapefruit that I found somewhere. It makes a great paper weight.

Jen said...

Yes, please -- to the Nora Kogan pink beads. And I don't even like pink.

L.P. said...


So, you're not going to spill the name of this store??

kim at allconsuming said...

Divine. All of it. There's a store in that vein near us and sometimes I just go there so the atmosphere of all the beautiful things can soak in through my pores.

Paola said...

That shade of green is absolutely divine.