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Sometimes my boys and I communicate in links alone.

This drummer is at the wrong gig.

We should consider Dollar Shave Club. We buy a lot of razor blades.

Love this kid.

This guy is pretty good too.

Paris is under consideration.

One of my all-time favorite West Wing scenes.

Some girl from Reddit. (The boys don't always like me reading Reddit.)

There is no good video for The Chain, but this is the best recording of it.

Everybody should read the FUCKING HOMEPAGE every day.

Whilst considering H&M or Old Navy, have a look at YesStyle. It's a huge site but Youngest has successfully navigated it and has bought some great things.

Sometimes we forget that we're in the middle of the majesty of it.

Did you catch Donovan's acceptance speech poem?

I love this renovation.

I ordered a striped backpack for our trip and can totally justify the purchase. For one thing, I'm so tired of lugging a tote bag full of crappe through airport security.

Also, in anticipation of our trip, I am all about the Starburst Tropicals.


Loretta said…
I saw Ingrid Michaelson perform this in November in Tarrytown. She's just lovely - and so young!
Don't the Starbursts rip out your dental work? I don't dare.
Paola said…
Paris has been on my list for ages ... one day? ...
kmkat said…
Wow. That is a LOT of striped backpacks.

Confession: I swiped some of your links for my regular Saturday linksies post. Thanks!

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