notes from the commute

I followed this lady


 as fast as I could


for about three blocks


to try to get a decent shot of her.
She was beautiful and veiled and wore the most wonderful coat.
I never caught up to her. (The things I do for you!)

 I passed this guy on the way,


he was dancing. I'm not sure if there was music as I was wearing headphones, but I cannot imagine there was.

The woman standing on the median


looked fabulous.
Trust me.


I briefly considered the sneaker wedge.
She was rocking them.

Commuter of the Week!


(I don't know why he's doing that with his hand.)
I had my feet up on the back of the seat (illegally) and he said, keep em up for as long as you can, you probably deserve it!
I put them back down pretty quickly (the conductors scold) and then noticed


Commuter of the Week plays Klondike like me!


Can you see? She's wearing a blindfold!


Check out the L in railroad. What do you suppose happened there?

Finally, I got a seat mate who did not crush me or annoy me or even let any part of his body touch mine.


Not bad looking either.



Can you identify these boots?


I'm home today (MLK). Perhaps I can put some posts together.
Anyone care to fill me in on Downto(w)n Abbey? I had too much wine (3?) and fell asleep!


Paola said…
Yes, not bad looking at all.
Those boots. Are they boots? It looks like that garment your wear on the snow to prevent it going inside your shoes and feet ...
Paola said…
... and I forbid you to drink while watching Downton Abbey!
Anonymous said…
Not much happened on Downton - Lady Edith is writing women's suffrage letters to the paper. Lady Sybil and her Irish husband escaped from Ireland after he participated in an action against the "ascendancy." Bates has had Anna's letters confiscated, but all is well in the end. Matthew discovers financial irregularities in the running of the estate. A new footman attracts the attention of the gay house servant whose name I can't remember - Thomas? And the housemaid from yesteryear gives up her boy to his grandparents.
blackbird said…
Not much!
Sounds like a year's worth of action!
Watch out for the Downton Abbey. Fox news says it's a pro-wealthy plot to get you to like rich people. I guess they think it's a slow news day.

Seatmate was indeed attractive!

Hope everyone at your place is starting out the year in good health. Cape Cod Kid had case of strep throat followed by the WORST antibiotic allergic reaction I've ever seen. Thank goodness for steroids.

Also....have a great vacation in the sun!
izzyt said…
And don't forget the memorable Dowager Countess quote for the week (to Edith): "You're a woman with a brain and reasonable ability, stop whining and find something to do!"
L.P. said…
Oh, I like those boots, but I have no idea who makes them. I'll keep an eye out!

Phones with cameras have definitely upped the commuter game, which is probably for the better. Look sharp, everyone!
I am boot obsessed, but in general, they do not make boots for those of us from Southern Italian stock. Thank God for booties!
Scot, at work, don't tell anyone said…
Anonymous forgot to mention, Mrs. Hughes got herself one of those new fangled electric toasters and Daisy finally got a helper. Although she doesn't seem to like her.
Anonymous said…
Ooh, fascinating stuff, b/c tomorrow I have to ride the bus downtown on account of a jury duty summons. I will see so many interesting people and things too! (I usually don't see anything remarkable on my way to work.)

Downton....I watched it tonight. I'll review the comments before filling you in. But I will say that Lord G is in denial about Downton and its management...something fishy is in the air with him.

I refuse to watch Downto(w)n. It's popularity irritates me. While I am recuperating I'm watching Bored to Death. I adore it.

What's Klondike?
JorgeGirl said…
I think they are Donald Pilner boots

I was thinking hard about buying them right before I read this. If they are on sale at the shop in Larimer square tomorrow, they are mine.

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