January 30th

So, first off, happy birthday to my wee, tiny, little brother who, apparently, fell down the stairs at work yesterday so he doesn't have to ride the train with me anymore.
Like that's going to work.

Then, yes, yes, the giant gala I have planned since, um, last FEBRUARY is finally going to happen tomorrow night.
I have a thousand details to be anxious about, I have made peace with my dress (I hated it for a while in December)  and I'm going to neaten up my Event Notebook and call it a day.

So, while I sit here collating and revising seating arrangements for the fourth time, go read this from McSweeney's. It's long, but great.


Susie Sunshine said…
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Anonymous said…
Many happy returns of the day and wishes for a speedy recovery to your brother. As for you, have a ball tomorrow night, and pretty please post some sort of cropped picture of you in the dress.

L.P. said…
You know we will want to see the dress. Go forth and have fun!

And of courese, a speedy recovery for your little brother.
kmkat said…
Damn, that McSweeney's thing was good. Reblogged in my weekly linkies post. Best of luck on the gala! It will be fabulous.
alice c said…
Please can you email to let me know when everything in the Gala is absolutely perfect so I can stop worrying about it. I have a number of other people who want me to worry on their behalf and the change in the Gala date has thrown my schedule.

Have a verrrrry wonderful time.
Paola said…
Happy Birthday wee brother and speedy recovery.
I KNOW you'll have a swell time at YOUR ball.
RW said…
the ball
the big event.
well that is very exciting.
the dress
I would very much like to see it.