I can't help myself

Why did they need that big camera, I asked whilst they drooled over it?

For 4:4:4 color space for green screen keying. 

I love that stuff.

This scarf -


is sold out and expensive at JCrew and is in stock and cheap ($14.99) at TARGET!
(That's a map of Cape Cod.)


Someone has stolen this poor (All)Saints pants and cut the front of her boots off.
No wonder she's pouting.

Do you shop at Fab.com or My Habit? Both sites have some interesting deals, IMO.
I've been eyeing things for our bed.


These intrigue me. Anyone have wool pillows? (Do not write and tell me anything disgusting about pillows - I am certain ours have enough dead mites or skin cells to build a human with. There, now I've been disgusting.)

In hair news, I am probably the last person to report that THIS is the haircut of the moment.


It's The Krissie or Carli or something and I will freely admit that I like it and might even try to go for it.

I cannot take another moment of this crappe.


Who looks like this?!
Personally (I have body dysmorphia or whatever the hell it's called) I have a thickness in my middle region right now and am ABOUT TO GO ON A BEACH VACATION.
I'm eating a lot of yogurt, I'll tell you that.

Have you played the Kerning Game? I'm a little addicted and, it turns out, pretty good at KERNING.

I've got my new glasses on and am channeling Harry Potter/ Ben Franklin/ John Lennon and Steve Jobs. Elliot Gould NO MORE!


Loretta said…
1) Gotta get me a scarf.
2) Wanna see glasses.
raych said…

Also, that poor (All) Saint is TRANSITIONALLY LAYERING, obviously. She's in transition from a full outfit to the nekkids. The first step is to lose your pants and bits of your shoes.
heidi said…
I hate you. (For the Kerning game.)
Paola said…
Gotta go check Kerning. I don't know what it is.
Love the Cape Cod scarf.

I have the weirdest body...skinny wrists, skinny ankles, very little chest and a blob around the middle...even when I'm at my goal weight. Must be from those giant babies I gave birth to in the 1980's.

Who looks like the skinny jeans girl? My 24 yr old and most of her friends *sigh*
kmkat said…
I suck at the kerning game. Wil never go there again.
Lucille said…
Yes I have a wool pillow and I love it. It came with a lavender bag. I also have that haircut quite by accident. I do not unfortunately have her chiseled jawline and I have let all the colour grow out.
Lucille said…
Oh and pretty good at Kerning too, so I haven't lost my touch which is a comfort after twenty years out of the industry.
islaygirl said…
As someone with this problem, she isn't skinny (well, she is skinny, but she isn't JUST skinny) she has bowlegs. i have bowlegs. i would need to gain 400 lbs for my knees to touch (and i know, i gained 100 when pg with Wee One and no, the knees did not touch). and thank you so much for the scarf shout-out. i have one on the way to me now. x
God I've missed you.
And that haircut's a bob with a fringe for God's sake. The Krissie/Carli. Pfft. Can you hear my eyes rolling from there?
Duyvken said…
I have a very dear person in my life who looks like that and she is about to be urged/coerced/supported into treatment for her eating disorder. Breaks my heart.
But I do like that haircut.
dervla said…
now you're making me play this kerning game at work!

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