The boys have worked with our pal Sean for years.
They shoot for him, make music for him, and, at times, haul chicken for him. I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said they'd probably do just about anything for our friend Sean.
It's partly because we've know him since Oldest was a baby, partly that K has worked with him for twenty-something years and partly that he is the nicest, most enthusiastic human being we have ever met. His laugh is infectious, his charm is irresistible and his wing sauce is the most award-winning wing sauce in the whole world.

In addition to our new Hot Pepper Awards - after 4 years in business we’ve racked up 19 Gold Scovies, 7 Golden Chiles, 6 trophies from the National Buffalo Wing Festival, 148 National Awards total and have become ‘The Most-National-Award-Winning Wing Sauce Brand in History’. In fact we’ve actually won way more than double anyone else in history… which is nice.

My guys have always been happy to haul, shoot, write, or eat for Sean and, this past week we celebrated even more awards with him.

I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough, and not all of it is super-hot if that's not your thing. Try some Bali.
You'll be shouting booYah too.


Paola said…
I would if I could.
Next time I'm in your neck of the woods, I will!