at my house


K, checking the weather.
K has always been in charge of monitoring the weather at our house.
We bought him instrumentation for the roof which sends information to a monitor in the dining room (what? where would you keep your weather monitor?).
It's been a little warm but we had lots of nice slushy ice last night.


I pulled this stuff out of the attic. I need to do some ironing, which I don't mind, for our trip. I realized that I don't have summer play clothes anymore, since I go to work so I am cobbling some stuff together.


The ironing board, however, is in use. K sent me this photo when he finally mastered some new piece of equipment that he needs for his shoot next week. It's titled: Look how professional this is!


 Professional luggage.


This was not at my house, it was at my supermarket.
Just sit back, close your eyes and think of the scent of Play-Doh.

I'll wait.


Wendy said…
I just finished bagging up the last of the girls' playdoh sets to donate. The end of an era at our house.
dervla said…
ha i'm in the middle of playdoh world right now, my 3 year old begs for it nightly and i find it daily dried up in the carpet
K has nice hair.
Scot said…
Please tell me that the Galileo thermometer isn't part of the weather monitoring system!
I love that you have "Professional luggage", mine is just amature stuff. It does, however, have higher aspirations! :0)

Paola said…
I did tell you a year or so ago that K reminded me of Eric Clapton but here, in this picture, he reminds of Richard Gere ... I mean ... you got yourself some boyfriend there!
Anonymous said…
We actually need a new weather monitoring system because the old one crapped out. Therefore I stare out the window and use my visual monitoring system.

Adventure Otaku said…
Scot, I can't believe she talked about weather WITHOUT mentioning the Galileo thermometer which is a family heirloom.

K -

As a professional outdoorsman, who pays a lot of attention to weather ( I wear a barometer on my wrist for god sake) what you refer to as 'visual monitoring system' we call 'the mark 1 eyeball'