three paper presents

A couple of people have mentioned that it must be difficult to think of things to get my boys for Christmas. It's actually quite easy as they are very keen to tell me about things their brothers would like to have. They gave me lots of ideas and I had some ideas of my own.
Last year I bought each them a big fluffy towel and this year I promised that I was buying each of them underwear - those gifts were a success. And this year I gave each of them a paper present.

I bought this puppet for Oldest


a tattooed Victorian gentleman from an artist on Etsy.  He's beautifully illustrated and Oldest fell in love with him.

Middle got this dead-stocked sheet of uncut vintage Monopoly money.


It's pretty fabulous.

And Youngest, my graphic design student, got this - (also from


and appreciated it as a member of the Media Design and Typography clubs.

I got boots! And shampoo! And underwear!

And you?


NorahS said…
I got Oscar de la Renta perfume, which I love and have not had for years, and a ticket to Manheim Steamroller Christmas concert, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Anonymous said…
I got perfume! And a trench! And a device!

Wendy said…
New winter coat, pretty earrings and tickets to The Book of Mormon. Thrilled by all of them. We'll get to see pictures of your boots, won't we?
Anonymous said…
Themed gift-giving! And each so apt for each son.
I got kitchen stuff--a hint? And expensive skin care stuff--another hint? I wonder...
I never spoke, but secretly wanted a pretty thing. My aunt gave me a knit scarf and I'm secretly more thrilled by it than any other gift for that reason.

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