I am laid low.
I had thought it was overindulging on the alcohol on Christmas but it has lingered.
I cannot eat, so, I have been to Whole Foods for good juices and some ginger and tea.
While I rest, here are some lovely links:

As the tragedy in Connecticut seems incomprehensible and the people in our house each have their own healthy and unhealthy ways to process ghastly news, I asked that we not talk about it at dinner the other night - mostly because I afraid to talk about it. My children may be grown but they still look at us for answers and, in this situation, I have none. Sometimes it's easier when they are little. I heard this this morning. It helped.

But let's be lighter....

Go to the Quiet Place.

This is my favorite salad of all time. Maybe next week.

Scroll down and watch Jerry talk about writing a joke. It's fascinating.

K and I have our eyes on the prize. The gala I worked on takes place at the end of January and just after that we leave. I am researching rum punch and this spot is reported to have some of the best.

If I were just a smidge smaller I might fit into kid's clothes.

I could make peppermint bark any time, right?

I love me a good wedding video. (And I would love to hear the actual music from this wedding.)

I can't really eat, so I've been drinking. Haven't you wanted to know what these taste like?


Pretty fucking heavy-duty, that's what.

I was all about these -


I'm off them now too.

Middle, hiding.


That would be Method hand soap in plastic they got FROM THE OCEAN.


The moon doth blast through my roof-window and wake me.



Paola said…
Oh quiet place ... I'll be visiting you often ...
Did you know how much plastic there is in the ocean especially concentrated in the area between CA and HI? It's SCARY. So this is wonderful.
L.P. said…
Oh, bummer to hear you are laid low. Hope it passes quickly and you are back on your feet soon; but in the meantime, take good care of yourself.

Thanks for the links-- great stuff! I, too, am enamored with MakiƩ these days.
alice c said…
First - get well immediately or I will send you my turkey broth by DHL.
Second - love that wedding video. Candles! I have just realised I don't have enough candles in my life. Must do something about that.
Third - did you hear what I said about getting well?
NorahS said…
Hope you feel better soon!
izzyt said…
I saw a quote by Mr. Rogers on the day of the shooting. It said, in part, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Reading that and seeing this video helped. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID0kgP9IVhs
islaygirl said…
i have been wondering what you would say about connecticut. i still can't even think about it without bursting into tears, (not that my grief in any way ... well, you know) and Milo is at a loss to comfort me. It's horrible. I'm oddly reassured that you're not sure what to do or say. much love to the bb family.
Scot said…
I started reading this post HOURS ago. When you put a link to a cooking site, I'm gone, sometimes for hours. Have you seen some of the recipes at the little red house? Damn, that made me hungry! Thanks for the link. And the quiet place also. I've needed that for a while now.
And, of course, Mr Rogers. I miss his gentle wisdom in our lives.
Some people just want to watch the world burn. Its taken me years to fully understand what that means. That's the only answer I have been able to come up with. That and something my mom once told me. "God wants little children around him also. That way he can remember what we were." .....Sorry, thats just something that has stuck with me for years.

Hey, the first three letters in my secret password are my initals, in order!
Duyvken said…
Beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice is what Mr Duyvken ordered on our first ever date. Dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and then we went to the movies and watched Chasing Amy together. He ordered that juice with dinner and the beet stained his teeth every time he took a sip. I still smile when I think about it. And he still loves BCAG juice :-) Hope you are feeling better soon, bb. xx
Loretta said…
Feel better, BB. Happy New Year from the Cape.