Middle sent me this. After you're done with the hands-on business of parenting it can be gratifying to see your efforts have paid off and you've raised decent people.

This is a wonderful site. Eleanor sent it. We miss each other. She ought to take up blogging.

Did you know I am infatuated with sponges? These are my new loves.

Can it be true?! Victoria's Secret is carrying all cotton, unlined bras again?!

Mix me one, will you?

I've written this post (in my head) so many times! Middle has always wanted the giraffe.

You simply must listen to A Child's Christmas in Wales. I insist.

Then, perhaps, some Sigur Ros? Go ahead.


Nope. I don't really understand it either. But it's pretty.


Anonymous said…
The wedding photos made me have to reach for my Kleenex. Yay Seattle (about time too)!!

kmkat said…
These are the most comfortable bras I have ever found: http://www.decentexposures.com/unbra.shtml. Plus, they are made in a small workshop in the US.