notable personal care products

Don't get too nervous re the title, it's just that K mentioned that he hopes whoever invented the tubeless toilet paper roll got a million dollars for it.
It is genius.

I've decided to make a list of things in our loo which are equally impressive, like my mouthguard, for instance. I've gone through two night guards that the dentist had made for me (I clench my teeth at night) and they each cost hundreds of dollars. After I got a new crown on one of my molars (more money!) my second night guard no longer fit and I couldn't bear having another made. I did a little research and came up with this one and couldn't be happier. I'm not going to lie, it took two tries to get it to fit correctly but it's pretty terrific and cost less than a tenth of the dentist version.

This stuff is a miracle and I am proud to say I've been decanting it into a roller bottle for years. There is nothing that works like it, trust me.

I've already mentioned the blue shampoo and conditioner, but have I mentioned this stuff? I love the scent of it and I've tried the cheaper's not as good. My hair shines when I use it.

Mentioned earlier as well, spied at Poppy's house, this stuff is great.

Of course I adore this. And I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a bottle of this. Are you familiar with arnica? We swear by it.

K shaves with this stuff. It smells great, but is very subtle. I don't know why it's out of stock. I suspect L'Occitane does not manufacture what they cannot sell and I know they have limited selling seasons. Anyway, I don't think there is a single thing in their store I do not like. It's heavenly...all of it.

This place too. I love all of it and have had wonderful results with this. I'd like to try their new pressed powder sometime.

What would I like to try?

And, definitely this.


My friend is a preschool teacher. I save all the toilet paper rolls for her school. The kids go through them like crazy for their crafts.

I bought arnica when you told me to get it after I broke my nose and had the two black eyes. I've used it for a few different things.

I've decided since I'm letting my hair go grey that I need new makeup. Soon. Before I have to be in photos next week.
Hilary said…
I have tried the cheaper stuff too, and there is no comparison... love the oil!
RW said…
moroccan oil is the bomb.
Paola said…
What a coincidence ... I ordered a set of 4 Weleda massage oils (including the 2 you mentioned) for my friend who is my gym instructor and does AMAZING massages.