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Notes From The Commute:

I made a list, the other day, whilst riding the subway. I was only on the train for three stops but I saw so much in those few minutes that I had to make a list.

At the front of the car was a woman just slightly younger than I with very bright pink hair. It was the kind of hair that was made (or grew) white first and was then dyed pink. The rest of her appearance was unremarkable, which I found interesting.

In the middle of the car was a young woman wrapping fresh gauze around her hand, wincing. I couldn't see the injury she was bandaging and there was no blood visible and I couldn't help but think that the subway was probably the filthiest place to do such a thing. She really needed a second set of hands to hold the gauze whilst she wrapped but I didn't have it in me to offer. Not that she would have accepted.

Down toward the end of the car was a man in his thirties with one of those big canvas work bags. He had a clamp-on lamp and a level and had a very determined expression. Maybe a little sad.

Directly behind me, wearing Beats headphones (as was I) was a fellow with a 59/50 cap. He was dancing in his seat to the music and playing a video game. His pants were down so low that only his boxer shorts were touching the seat where he sat. I'm not fond of that look and am glad none of my boys went for it - though Middle does have a rather wonderful black-on-black 59/50 Yankees cap.

In front of me sat a father and son. I'm sure they were father and son. Father was about 55 and son was in his mid-twenties. Father was giving a little lecture (I could tell but could not hear due to my headphones) son was being patient and listening. Father patted son on the leg, to enhance a point. Son nodded. Neither looked happy but neither was angry either. Father continued to make his point and, I thought one of them was going to leave the train when Father rubbed son's head but they got off together.
I liked them. They seemed close.

I am recovering from the last few weeks.
Just in time for Christmas.


kmkat said…
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kmkat said…
Was the pink-haired woman Lucy Neatby? http://www.lucyneatby.com/ (I attended a 3-day knitting retreat taught by her this fall -- awesome woman!)
Paola said…
The commute report. <3

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