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I have two last Christmas presents to get.
I can handle one tomorrow and the other next week.
(K, we should go to Uniqlo together next week, after work!)
K is working at one of his favorite places right now. That's a lovely thing.
Meanwhile, not so lovely, my poor Oldest is still very sick. Mending, but really sick!

Tomorrow is Middle's birthday.

sweetest baby on earth
never cried (seriously, we had to guess if he was hungry)
liked to be alone in his little bassinet
had beautiful eyes (still does)

skinniest guy around (jeans fall off him)
funniest guy I know
has a generous soul
loves anything military related
likes to make stuff

cranky in the morning
not a big eater
hasn't gotten the right haircut
won't let you hug him
doesn't like wine

Happy Day, Middle.
We love you.
Tomorrow, his favorite birthday dinner: burgers, fries, lemon cake.


 His new slippers.


Anonymous said…
He IS skinny! Look how far that robe wraps around him. I imagine he'd be hard to hug, even if he liked hugs. So instead I send him a snappy birthday salute (military-style). My kiddo, who would adore Middle (Top Gear!), always requests burgers and fries on his birthday too. Enjoy!

L.P. said…
Happy Birthday, Middle! Hope it's a great day with lots and lots of joy!

(He's got a lot in common with my boy-- super-skinny, not a big eater, wrong haircut, no hugging, no wine, sweet sweet baby who is now very cranky in the morning.)
alice c said…
Dear Men of the Bird Kingdom,
I saw this and thought of you:

Happy Birthday, Middle
and High Fives to the rest of you.
Happy Birthday to Middle.
Love the slippers.
Paola said…
Buon Compleanno, Medio!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Middle :)


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