Guess where we were today? Go ahead! I'll give you a hint...Youngest wore a mask!
No, it wasn't a Halloween party.
Dehydrated much?
I can hook you up with a lovely ayurvedic doctor in the ER who can set you right in a few (long) hours.

How many days till Christmas?


Crazy Mom! said…
Back again? Mercy no!

Get well, Youngest!
L.P. said…
Oh jeez. Hope you're all doing okay! Youngest looks like he's taking it all in stride, at least in the photo...
Paola said…
Not again!
But I'm with Veuve ... he's eyes are smiling ... and I love that, he's such a trooper that Youngest, stronger than he would like us to think he is ... in spite of all these ER trips.
Christmas is around the corner, darling.
marian said…
Sending good vibes! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Eek. Feel better kiddo.

alice c said…

It doesn't matter how many days until official Christmas - in your manor Christmas will start when Youngest Is better.
robiewankenobie said…
oh, ugh. for christmas? i want you NOT to be there. that would be a lovely present.

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