blackbird's two minute movie reviews

Once at Christmas time and once during the early summer we five take in a movie. We try to see something that appeals to all (Les Mis is right out) and nothing too heavy (no to Anna Karenina).
We picked Skyfall and were each looking forward to different things...not the least of which was Daniel Craig and the great suit debate.

Skyfall has:


Mr. Craig in the suit.


A fight atop a train (I don't believe either of those men is James Bond).


A beautiful, uh, boat.


 The evil, sexy, blonde (?) Javier Bardem.


A little surprise, and, the amazing Judi Dench.


One might believe Judi is 50 in some shots and 80 in others.

Did I like it?
And I think each of the boys liked it too - for different reasons.

The suit?
Fits just fine.


Paola said…
Oh yes, I had noticed the boat too. I am crazy about Craig ... is that normal? Not Bardem either ...
Laura Jane said…
Paola - it is indeed the expected and normal response to be crazy about Craig (OMG)

I REALLY buy him as Bond, and loved Loved LOVED this movie. Utterly absorbing. Considering seeing it again!
Adventure Otaku said…
I haven't seen a new Bond film in many years. But I have looked into how much that suit costs.

unfortunately my lifestyle doesn't call for a $2500 suit. (unless it is made of gore tex)

Anonymous said…
I think you know where I stand on Mr. Craig... especially when he's wearing a sweater.
DLG in Mich said…
This was the first James Bond movie I had seen and I loved it. I did think Mr. Craig's suit was a tad small and he runs kind of funny, but other than that - totally yummy.
Scot said…
Judi Dench just turned 78 yesterday! If you love her, like I do, in everything I've ever watched her in, you've gotta check out The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Its a wonderful wonderful movie. It has a great cast; Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy and Dev Patel. And it was made by John Madden, the guy who made Shakespeare in Love, still one of my top 3 all time favorite movies. Its a must see if you want to make your soul smile.
By the way, the last 3 Bond movies have been made the way the books were written. My dad always shared them with me. This was my father's James Bond and he would have loved the Daniel Craig James Bond.

RW said…
it was a good one.
Anonymous said…
Saw it last night. It was the best of the Mr. Craig Bond, James Bond movies thus far. I was riveted from the opening credits (yay Adele!) through the end when he said With pleasure. A pleasure indeed. I loved it.


So f-ing violent though. And then today's real life just has me reeling.