blackbird's two minute movie review*

*with spoilers*

I'm just back from seeing The Miserables!

Every day, on my way to work, I passed this poster


while K read the Victor Hugo book.
And, so we each prepared, in our own way, to see the movie.
I love Anne Hathaway, just recently, for a couple of reasons that have little to do with her performance.

1. She has refused to further discuss how she lost 25 pounds to play the role as she fears it will glamorize the process.
2. She did not wear underpants to the premiere, was photographed as proof, and did not particularly care - and not in a cavalier so, big deal, I wasn't wearing underpants kind of way but in a aren't you sort of pitiful to care that I wasn't wearing underpants kind of way. A novel approach that I appreciate.

That having been said, and as K walked around in a daze proclaiming with amazement: Fantine dies in the first 15 minutes of this two-and-a-half-hour epic. That people are talking about her winning every award in the world for such a small performance is great testimony to how good she is.


This is Anne in character (and exactly what I looked like a couple of nights ago whilst feeling ill).

I was not especially impressed with Russell Crowe and find it interesting that I haven't seen him doing any press for the film and felt that Hugh Jackman (Huge Ackman at my house) completely overshadowed him. Huge is pretty amazing.


It's all pretty amazing and long, and poorly lit, if you ask me. Perhaps it was the old timey art-house theater I saw it in but it was very dark. Lots of detail lost.

These two stole a bit of the show


just as they were supposed to.

I only teared up a little at the very end of the epicness, and there's a scene with Crowe and a little boy that got me, but, for those of you moved by musical dramas I will point out that the lady next to me wept for, probably, half the film. The rest of the time she was busy making noise with her soda and chewing her ice which I probably never would have noticed save for the fact that the packed house was totally silent for the entire 157 minutes and that, my friends, is worth noting.


Anonymous said…
I can comment again!
I need to watch this--I did get to see it performed in the Twin Cities years ago and did enjoy it so much. Somehow it seems the close up effect given by film would benefit this story.
NorahS said…
We saw this on Christmas Day. In my neck of the woods, it is very rare for an audience to applaud at the end of a movie in a movie theater, but they did for this.
Anonymous said…
We're going tonight. We were going to take Chuck's mom, but I'm afraid she will either sob the entire way through it, or, alternatingly sob and sing along. I fear public embarrassment more than I fear spiders.
Amy A. said…
Happy New Year, bb. I hope it is the best yet for you and your gentlemen.
Paola said…
I am still here, been very ill but survived. Want to wish you Happy Everything! Love the gifts, movie must be great. Huge ... tee hee
Poppy B. said…
I saw my kids in a performaning arts camp production of Les Miz, and while it is better than anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber, that performance afforded me with all the bombast I really need. You know? Like I'm sure the Lovely Ladies number isn't nearly as cute if your daughter isn't up there pretending to be a ho. BTW check out the Lego Les Miz on YouTube. It's fab.