Tis the season

People are doing posts of things to be thankful for and I'd like to too.
I do believe it's helpful.
So. Twenty at a time? Shall we?

From far and wide...and in no particular order (mostly)

1. I am thankful for Alicia Paulson's baby. Yes. You've read that right. I have no personal connection to her but my heart has been wrenched in her quest for a child for what seems like forever. That she now has a child in her life, in her world, brings joy to me.

2. Our work. We are blessed to do what we want to do for our work. Oldest has found a calling, K trudges along with less than we'd like but he loves it. And me? I'm the luckiest of all.

3. Youngest adores Art School. This is wonderful.

4. The cold weather is nearly upon us. I prefer the cold.

5. We have a warm house in the cold.

6. The tree is off the roof.

7. We have plenty.

8. Lawrence Of Arabia.

9. Xolair.

10. Xanax, too.

11. Sons with a sense of humor.

12. And a sense of honor.

13. A Scorpio husband.

14. Plane tickets to a restful place.

15. Purchased with air-miles.

16. An internet with a sense of humor.


 IM's with the boys from room to room.

18. Whiskey sours.

19. Starburst candies.

20. A husband who loves me.


Good list.
The Williams-Sonoma one cracked me up. I spent years making $8 an hr at Pottery Barn, trying to convince people that they REALLY NEEDED turkey plates. I must confess that I own a set of turkey plates (dessert sized). $72 biscuits? I could make the entire Thanksgiving dinner for that kind of $$.

Kids with a sense of humor is a blessing. Mine make me laugh every day.
RW said…
Alicia's story is quite compelling. I too, am just so pleased and honoured to hear her story.

Happy weekending to you.