With the refrigerator completely empty and clean


 we decided to have a big family breakfast


and then went off to re-stock at the supermarket. As there (apparently) has been a run on meat (wtf) we risked the extra gasoline and went further afield to Fairway (known for meat) (and cheese).

Back home, we are up to our eyeballs with laundry and have retreated to our separate quarters. We had been spending quality time in front of the fire in the living room but with the return of electricity we have other things to entertain ourselves with.

We went back to Lowes to get more fence and, guess what? There's been a run on fence too.

I'm not going to discuss the gasoline situation as it is completely ridiculous and I haven't figured out if our license plate has to start with an even number or end with an even number.

We've pushed the clocks back an hour today - as if time hadn't crawled slowly enough for the past week, waiting for my eventually-canceled work event, waiting for the storm, waiting for the power (we are still waiting on someone official to make a ruling on the tree on our house) we have actually gained another hour of time to kill.
At least we have light. We were falling into bed just a couple of hours past sunset. Now we have laptops and television and are slowly returning to normal time lines. Though it was interesting to spend some time living on body rhythms and the sunlight alone. Without clocks and iPhones on us at all times we had no idea what time it was and were always shocked to hear it was earlier than it felt - but that was probably also tied to the fact that everything we did was harder in the dark cold.
Cooking, cleaning, washing up all took so much longer.

Back to work tomorrow. The boss has decided, in the spirit of the community we built during the storm (phone chains, facebook pages, IT miracles!) to treat us all to breakfast.
We'll all have stories over coffee and I cannot wait.


islaygirl said…
LOVE the new design. at least, it's new to me. maybe i just need to clear my cache? anyway. gorgeous and clean. and so glad you have power again, i've been thinking of bb and family often these past few days.
Crazy Mom! said…
So glad things are getting back to normal...
Anonymous said…
Just the being COLD part would have gotten old for me very quickly. Glad things are gradually becoming normal for you. Even going to work--I'm amazed you're returning so soon.
This whole disaster has me really feeling gratitude for small things all week--electricity, dry floors, milk in my fridge...