I did have a nice long nap after the parade.
The parade was as wonderful as always but, people, so exhausting. It made me feel particularly small and slightly old.
The boys only made it partway into the route and saw me (well, not actually me, my balloon) from afar but enjoyed themselves nonetheless. They too had a chuckle over the bearded purple transvestite clowns...the things one sees.
We easily caught a train full of revelers home. Everywhere you looked there were people going to grandma's with bouquets of flowers and bottles of wine and excited small children.
K had a cheese board and artichoke dip awaiting me and then I slept a while and it was nearly time for dinner.
I like Thanksgiving dinner just fine - what I like even more is the next day.
We're sitting with our laptops, doing some Christmas shopping and comparing prices.
Why would anyone rush out in the middle of the night?
I'm hoping to watch some movies and do some laundry and have turkey warm-ups.
I'm figuring out my dining room ceiling plan (I do garlands or some such across my dining room ceiling for Christmas) and making lists.
And I'm not touching my office email as two particular situations (I'll not describe here) had my nerves raw by Wednesday evening.
I'm going to try to forget I have a job until Sunday night. We'll see how that works out.

And you?


Poppy B. said…
I'm with you. I'm still stuffed. Unfortunately, I have to take Miss Buxom to get her hair and nails done, because she has a dance tonight. Thank God I don't!
Anonymous said…
Watching movies, eating leftovers, thinking about decorations. No Black Friday craziness for me.
No shopping for me. We spent the day at Disney Hollywood Studios and ate seafood last night. I'm cooking the Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.
Today is nap, laundry and cook some sort of dinner. I have the parade on DVR to watch later.