Sure, my life at work is pretty amazing, unfortunately, life at home is not as glamorous. It's a difficult time in Tuvalu, as this time historically is for us. I won't go into details as I live with four adults, and I am sure, because we have an amazing and sound relationship as a family, that all will be well, but all is not well right now. Keep us in your thoughts as we get through it. We will get through it.

In the meantime, some wonderful links.

I LOVE Knight and Day. I don't even LIKE Cameron Diaz and I love this movie. So many great lines. Among them, the one above: Pie. Pie! Pies for everybody. Everybody gets pies, okay?
No ice cream, a la mode. Weakens the legs, people. Lincoln knew it. It's why they got to him.
Nobody follow us, or I kill myself and then her.

Watch and read about the amazing dabbawallas of Mumbai.

Another list to love.

Do you read The Wednesday Chef? You ought to. I think she's solved my fried egg issue!

Cashmere. That's all I'm saying. Wait - I'll say more. It itches me and I can only wear it as a scarf.

I think I need to watch this show. This post made me cry a teeny bit. On the inside.

This got passed around my office. I find it charming, don't you?

I'm sure I could go further with this idea, but if I were to shop for a $3000 dress, I might try this on.

Thanksgiving approacheth. Me? I'm in a parade.


Anonymous said…
I hope your holiday is peaceful and wonderful--and that your parade hands stay warm. You are in my thoughts, bb.
Crazy Mom! said…
Same place in the parade as last year? Stay warm.
alice c said…
You are in my heart always but I will just turn up the heating and plump the pillows so that you are extra cosy.
Julia said…
I do read the Wednesday Chef! She's written all sorts of recipes that are now family favorites over here, and I suspect that I learned about her from you. Thank you very much BB and I hope things get easier soon.
Forget the fried egg, I want to eat baby Hugo, with a spoon. That kid is delicious.

I'm finding the solution to some adult drama (nothing too upsetting...just 4 adults in a too small apartment) in our house is to escape under the bed quilt with a cup of tea, my Kindle and a cat.
Scot said…
OK, I went and looked at the $3000 dress. While on that page I saw a tab for men's clothing and then one for sweaters. Now I'm thinking that if I give up cable, internet, Netflix, books and medications, if I cut down to one meal a week until the end of the year, I might be able to buy that Balmain Cable-knit sweater. Plus I can order a smaller size! What a beautiful sweater. That page was like sweater porn or something.
Also, now I want a fried egg.
marian said…
You WILL get through it. You always do. xoxo