Old Favorite

Though we joke that For Your Eyes Only was our wedding song as it was a hit that summer we got married, it was, in fact, As Time Goes By that we danced to on August 29th.
Casablanca was released 70 years ago today and still feels as powerful to us.



Our wedding singer was an Elvis sound-alike...but he didn't wear a costume for our reception. We danced to I Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

I've never seen Casablanca, I should put it in the Netflix queue
Paola said…
So, I lost NINE posts of yours including the Parade post ... 'nuff said.

Loved the Christmas shopping scene with K, your slightly divergent likings and the absolutely adorable choice (I have it in orange as I coudln't find it in purple!).

In order to celebrate Thanksgiving I demanded to eat turkey and we did, just a small leg but darn it, we did!
Anonymous said…
we were so freaking cool back in '73 we had a genuine* folk group perform "Morning has Broken" in the church. ReferCat Steven's Teazer and the Firecat album (youngesters may need to go ask their parents about it)

"blackbird has spoken, like the first bird"

* girls all had long hair, parted in the middle; long dresses; woven headbands/ boys has long hair, parted in the middle; jeans and shirts made of rough cotton; woven headbands.

absolutely adore Casablanca, seen it dozens of times, would throw husband over for Humphrey IN A HEARTBEAT!

Scot said…
As Time Goes By is a hell of alot easier to dance to than Das Fathaland
or Le Marsellais! Plus, its also the name of the most charming sit-com ever.

Oh, and Linda, We are STILL freaking cool! WE stopped a war, WE pressured a crooked president to resign, WE put a man on the moon and taught the residents of the world to take care of the planet. WE put a black man in the Whitehouse, twice. There's a reason the Mustang, Camaro and Charger have staged a comeback. We were cool then and we're still cool now. American kids today are tech savvy yes, but cool? No way. Wearing your pants half way down your ass, not cool. Boy bands, give me a break. Sexy sparkley sensitive vampires, oh please.

Oh shit, I'm rambling. Sorry, long day.