love it/hate it


Wonderful slogan at the car rental agency where K and I will vacation this winter.

Hate it: bitching about washing dishes in my cold kitchen while people have lost their homes.



 Hate it:


the road to the market last week.



 Hate it: We have power - our neighbors, across the street, do not.


Discovered at Poppy's house, this inexpensive moisturizer has a lovely soft scent and works like a charm.

 Hate it: People hoarding gasoline.


Chose a set of Tibetan prayer beads to wear to the gala (when it is re-scheduled).

Hate it: There were times, over the past six days, where we could not tolerate each other's company.

Love it: We are safe and warm and weathered a long storm together, as a family.

We did well.


Crazy Mom! said…
Congratulations in getting through the ordeal
alice c said…
Seeing the picture of the flooded road I am overcome with retrospective anxiety for you all. It doesn't seem possible even now that your world could be so vulnerable. I am so very glad that you are all safe.
Paola said…
I know, some of my relative are still without power while others across from them do have it. Weird, scary and awful.
Glad it's almost over, now it's time to get back to normal, it won't be soon or easy, I guess.
RW said…
I cannot imagine.
And I am conscious enough to realize that my little moments of inconvenience mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Facing my own smallness of mind is never pleasant.

Where did you find your prayer beads?
L.P. said…
Yes, indeed, you did well.

p.s. love the prayer beads!

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