life with Sandy

It was maddening. Our power flickered on and off for about ten hours, while it was still light. It finally went out at about 9pm. 
And, I think it was just before that that the the wind hit its peak and a very large tree fell, taking large branches of two other trees with it as it plunged into our roof.
The noise was incredible - K leapt over the coach as I screamed for Youngest (his room is next to another huge tree I thought had fallen), but it was the other side of the house that was hit.
We are fine.
We are lucky.
We have taken a couple of drives to inspect the devastation - and devastation is not an exaggeration. Giant trees have pulled down wires on nearly every street we visited. Houses have been crushed and there isn't a block with electrical wires intact.
We have no electricity, no wifi, no cell coverage and no heat. We do have hot water.
The area of the city where I work is without power which doesn't matter as I have no way to get to the city: the railroad has been shut down and there is no subway service. The tunnels are flooded and neighborhoods have been evacuated. This is unusual. This is historic.

And, so, we the living room, at the table, trying to eat the food in our fridge before it spoils. Fish sandwiches tonight, chicken must be eaten tomorrow and we'll move stuff from the fridge into the freezer if it's still cool in the morning.

We are safe but Tuvalu, well, that's another story. 
It's a mess. 


NorahS said…
So glad you are safe.
Anonymous said…
I am very sorry you're going through this. If you're able, take photos of the damage and get hold of your insurance rep as soon as you can. You won't look back on the photos with fondness, but the more details you can provide, the more efficiently your claim might be processed. Just as important, it's a psychological lift to know someone is 'out there' helping you get back on your feet. Carol
L.P. said…
Glad you and yours are safe, bb. I was glued to the computer during the storm and hoping tuvalu would be okay. The damage sounds horrendous. This storm has made me, for the first time in my life, finally put together an "emergency" kit, even though I live on the other side of the country.

Stay warm, dry, and safe.
Ali said…
I've been thinking and thinking of you. Pleased you are safe, even if the aftermath sounds grizzly.
Anonymous said…
So pleased you are safe. I have been thinking of you often these past few days.

Cheryl Downunder
--V said…
Very glad you're all okay.
Mary said…
Having been checking in regularly and am so glad to see this update.

Well glad that you are all safe and well. The destruction sounds horrendous.

kt said…
Adding my gladness that you and the bb flock are OK. Sending dry warm thoughts from here.
islaygirl said…
so very sorry about the roof, but so very grateful everyone is safe. much love.
I've been thinking about you all week. I'm sorry for the mess but so glad you're all ok.
RW said…
Thank you for updating and letting us know. Very glad to hear you are safe.
Poppy B. said…
I can't believe this happened! And after all the stress about your gala!

OK, I know that's awfully shallow of me, but I know it was consuming you for months. ARGH.

And just minutes ago I was kicking myself that I hadn't made it to the store to buy bread for tomorrow's lunches. Well, around here at least the stores have bread to sell.

Glad all are safe and am optimistic about Tuvalu. You will all survive this and come out stronger.


as well as

Anonymous said…
Oh bb. I am so relieved you are all safe.

Paola said…
This was the only tiem I appreciated Facebook as I could be informed about the situation real time about my rather large party of relatives around there, but not you ... so thank you for updating and a fallen tree is what I heard most, I guess that's the least with all that's been going on!
Hugs to you and your boys!!!
marian said…
Wow. Glad to hear that you are yours are fine. And that you have hot water and can cook. Thinking of you!
Amy A. said…
I'm so sorry for all of this. I thought about you often, hoping you were fine and as comfortable as possible. I hope that your home and town will come out of this even better and stronger.

Much love, Amy
mizz_b said…
It's a relief to hear that you and yours are okay and all together. I hope you all get back to normal soon!

Anonymous said…
Oh my god, I had convinced myself that picture of the tree on the house was either a) not your house, or since I recognized those beloved shingles, b) maybe your garage. But it was c) your house!! So scary. I would have screamed too--AND I probably would have pooped my pants.

I hate historic!! I'll take plain old, boring old, regular old routine over HISTORIC any day. It's too much. And I'm not even involved...I can only imagine how much you and so many other families are just longing for some normalcy amidst this devastation.

Stay well and be safe.

raych said…
I have been worried about you, my tiny east-coastian. So glad to know you are well.
Eliane said…
Thinking of you from across the pond! (and doing an illustration on sandy would you believe it)
Unknown said…
I was thinking about you throughout, even though I was unable to check in before now. I am glad you are okay, and sorry about the tree branches through the roof. My mother had a tree through her roof into her bedroom closet back in June and it ruined a lot of her clothes; so, I'm glad you don't have to worry about wardrobe replacement on top of all the other frustrations, aggravations and damage you are currently wading through.

My mother was just in town for a visit, as a matter of fact. We watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel yesterday, and I thought of you throughout, as Judi Dench's wardrobe kept reminding me of you. Hang in there!