in which Middle and I discuss balloon handling

The Scene: Middle is downstairs, bb is up, they are discussing, via IM, her participation in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in which she is a "balloon handler" and looking at photos from a previous year.

Middle: that foot is freakin huge

bb: I KNOW
     and it weighs a fucking ton

Middle: probably literally

bb: hmm, good question
     there's all kinds of fact filled stuff on the web about the balloons
     see if you can get closer during deflation

Middle: i'm sure they actually weigh quite a lot
           i doubt it
           i've been as close as possible every year

bb:are there people to stop you?

Middle: yes
         mainly police

bb: It's fascinating
     that whole lay down on the balloon to deflate it while another balloon passes over thing? 
     that's almost as cool as walking with it
Middle: it's pretty crazy
bb: it's so freaking heavy - some of the hardest physical work I've ever done

Middle: I believe it

And, so, this morning, I will, once again, be pulling a giant balloon through the city.
After that, I hope to come home, have a nap and eat an extraordinary amount of turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.


marian said…
Happy Thanksgiving, bb.
Hilary said…
Happy thanksgiving!!! Glad you got a nice sunny day... enjoy the bird!
Anonymous said…
I wondered if you were doing that again this had no lead up as in TGPs past. Hope it was fun! And not too grueling.


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