I'm at the dining room table with Middle

And my face hurts from laughing.

I hate my job.

Useless websites.

A good mom.

Okay - this isn't so funny. Gorgeous bracelet, excellent cause. If you saw my town or the devastation near my town you'd be shocked.

We're running an extension cord to our neighbor's house. They've been living without power or heat for two weeks and we got ours back last week.
Kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner!


I just played with Useless Websites and laughed out loud at Toilet Paper and Bouncing Cats.
Cape Cod Kid says that would be a lot of fun if you were...ummmm...doing some recreational pharmaceuticals.
Anonymous said…
Very kind of you to extend yourselves that way. I bet your neighbors are thankful for you.
That mom photo reminds me of when the boys required my help on Plants vs. Zombies--the zamboni level was tough.
Carol said…
My daughter shared a website you might enjoy. isitchristmas.com

Glad you have power. Most of the news I hear of post Sandy is grim.
Duyvken said…
That good mom pic is adorable.
PS what happened to your swish new layout? I miss it.