I do not expect you to read all of it

Someone in my office is doing research on video games. (No, I'm never telling you what I do for a living.)
She put out an APB (as opposed to an ISO - I freakin love ISO's) to see if anyone could help her determine If anyone has favorites that have awesome art and a deep fan base I'd be grateful for the name of the game-then I can pursue manufacturer.
As Youngest is a Gamer, I passed the email to him.
His response:

ahem *clears throat*

League of legends 
has some the most amazing art/fan base of any game in the world. Each character has like 5 beautifully done digital portraits for the characters. Though most of the art is made by fans.

Killzone 1/2/3
medium sized fanbase, very good concept art

Warcraft/world of warcraft
huge fan base pretty good art, especially the art for the card game

Monsterhunter (any of them)
Mostly an asian fan base but again HUGE and great art

Halo 1/2/3/4/reach/odst
pretty big fan base great concept art

Remember Me
A new game that isn't out but is producing amazing concept art

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Some of the most inspiring art i've seen, totally changed my art style and inspired me to do my senior portfolio around the future and technology

Kingdom Hearts 1/2/birth by sleep/365 1/2 days/chain of memories etc...
Medium fanbase, really beautiful art

Magna Carta 1/2
Medium fanbase, my favorite artist did all the concept and character art for it

SNK/Street Fighter/dark stalkers
MEGA HUGE fan base and some of japan/korea/china's best artists have done art for the game and comics

Borderlands 1/2
2 just came out and the game has a really fun cartoon cell shaded look to it. the fan base isn't too big but its there.

Dota 2
Is coming out soon and has just as big a fan base as league of legends and warcraft and some pretty amazing art. Same idea as league each character has a beautiful portrait

The World Ends with You
Pretty good fan base and the game has a really awesome art style to it, the fans also make some art

Final Fantasy 1-13
Been around for a looooong time and the games have always had groundbreaking art as well as a giant fan base

Metal Gear Solid 1/2/3/4
The fan base is very strong and the art is wonderful. All of the character art was done by one man entirely in sumi-i ink which really gave it such an amazing unique look

Alice Return to Madness
Not a very large fan base but the art for the game is very creepy and interesting, great spin on the fairy tale classic

Mass effect 1/2/3
Very big fan base, critically acclaimed game with amazing concept art fan art and comic art.

Elder Scrolls 1-5
medium fan base amazing art, i own a concept art book that i always look to for ideas on med-evil style stuff

Ico/Shadow of the collosues
Both beautiful games. fan base isn't huge but really stunning how they are regarded more as pieces of art than games themselves

Diablo 1/2/3
Old school fan base and some beautiful art

Legend of Zelda (too many to list)
Classic with a lot of art and a giant fan base.

Portal 1/2
Cult classic with some wonderful art!

Assassins creed 1/2/3
supposedly one of the greatest games of my generation. really amazing art that borders on classical and modern.

Another game that is considered art. The game itself brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful and simple really a wonderful game for all audiences.

Armored Core
Decent fanbase, wonderful giant robot art

Persona 1/2/3/arena/4
mega huge fan base and all done in a japanese anime art style

Starcraft 1/2
the most popular e-sport in the world, great art too! Blizzard is always a top pick for fan base and art.

Beautiful video game that has a classic japanese sumi-i ink look to it, the whole game revolves around sumi-i ink art as your main weapon

God war 1/2/3
One of the biggest beat um ups ever and has some breathtaking art.

Dark souls/ Demon souls
personal favorite/cult classic, beautiful art. All knights and dragons and demons really awesome stuff

Batman Arkham city/asylum
Won video game of the year faster than votes could be cast. Wonderful concept art.

Half Life 1/2
Cult classic, interesting concept art.

Silent Hill (all of them)
The most famous survival horror game next to resident evil, great art too!

Anything by nintendo
massive fan bases, and all the good art is fan made look at the fan art for Metroid, Kid icarus, Zelda, Pokemon any one of the famous characters

Bioshock 1/2/infinite
My favorite series of all time, the setting was breathtaking. a completely new world never before seen in just a dark and twisted manor that made me play it several times. medium fan base

Resistance 1/2/3
Medium fan base good concept art

Odin Sphere
Another game that is just a work of art, small fan base

  Made by the same people as odin sphere and just as beautiful

Simple and beautiful, another artistic video game that became a classic, still sells like hot cakes

Jet set radio
cult classic great art style great fan art

Anything from star wars
such a wide variety of styles but always a safe pick

New game for IOS and computers that has a poignant art style

Heavy rain
Cult classic, really pushed how human characters can be.

Mirror's edge
cult classic, beautiful art style in game, not a big fan base

those are off the top of my head
hope it helps

No, we never did limit his video game time. He seems to have turned out okay.
Presently studying graphic design.  Seems like a good choice.


Wow, he has an amazing amount of knowledge there! Your co-worker must have fallen off her chair when she saw that list!

I recognized a good number of the names from the days when Cape Cod Kid played a lot.
Anonymous said…
Wow. His breadth of knowledge and opinion is breathtaking! (And now I WILL buy Zelda for my oldest this Christmas, so thank you for that!)
Poppy B. said…
Young Master Buxom went to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. If I had been able to get a ticket, I totally would have gone just to check out the crowd. As it was, I bought him the last ticket.

He loved it and wears his souvenir t-shirt with pride.
Anonymous said…
I read it all, and have no regrets.
No limits here either.

Good lord.

I don't edit Felix's gaming time either. He's asked for a $169 gaming mouse for Christmas. I'm not sure it's currently working in my favour.

(bloody impressive btw)
Scot said…
Sheesh, and I only play Scrable and chess. Man do I feel old.
My buddy James is addicted to World of Warcraft. He has spent hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars constantly upgrading his electronics. Too rich for my blood.
I do, however, think that alot of these games teach people to think more abstractly. Outside of the box. A game with more options teaches the player to look for more options. A great way to think through everyday problems.
Paola said…
I have no clue what he's talking about.
That makes me DEAD.
No, what's the next stage after dead ... that I am.