Can we talk?

So, I'd call this random but I have questions and instructions.
I'm going to jump right in.

I've discovered the source of my never ending pitches and I think I've corrected the situation, but, in the meantime, there are some newsletters I have subscribed to, and enjoy, including the one from Refinery29.
But have a look at this


because I don't think it's particularly appetizing, do you? Middle said it looked like burned chicken on a bed of severed fingers. I'm thinking Refinery29 ought to stick with fashion and make-up newsletters.

And, speaking of Middle...yesterday, Middle pegged me. I have, in fact, replaced the liquid hand soap all over the house with different liquid hand soap than the stuff that came in each dispenser. Is that clear? There are hand soap dispensers in our bathrooms and kitchen that may or may not contain the soap advertised on the label. And, honestly, it's because the dispensers FIT in each spot but I may or may not LIKE the soap they originally contained. Got it? And yet...


I have not remembered to put antique photos in the dispensers. Kicking myself, I am.

Untitled What the what?
I saw this photo


and, while I am SO very tempted to pull a FuckYourNoguchiCoffeeTable on this photo, on this room with its convex mirror and bingo ball and goddamn antlers, I have to say that I like the art. But, really? $5000? Middle knows it's Futura and Youngest is gonna print that shit up for me at ART SCHOOL which cost LESS.

While I'm out buying pictures of WORDS for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, I'll pick up this lighting fixture.


Great price. Huge savings. Not sure where we're putting it, but you know...$955. How can I not?

I'll have one of these too. I wish I could see the mist coming out of it. I have a feeling it looks great.

And this - we really should get this


because it is the absolute epitome of hipster decor. And I cannot even remember how much it is but know I must have it. Over the fireplace, perhaps?

As an aside


the light outside right now is lovely.

I've been perusing vests as I have a hankering for a vest.


Patagonia has so many but they are sososo shiny.

But this one might work.


She needs black pants.

Finally, an important lesson regarding LLBean.



LLBean NO:


Are you following me here?
Yes to the footwear and the tote bags and the flannel sheets.
NO to the wardrobe.
Listen to me.
I know.

I think that's it.


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Anonymous said…
Amen. LL Bean needs to learn to play to its strengths.
I'm feeling vest-y lately, too.
And the mounted handlebars are completely wonderful. However, if you should find yourself yearning for the rusticity of rusty barbed wire and shed antlers, I'll hook you up.
Active Lisa said…
I am totally with you and Green Girl in Wisconsin... Love the mounted handlebars (have a spare set in the garage I'm considering crafting up!); have been shopping for puffy vests; and would NEVER buy clothes from LLBean although I have shoes, luggage, totes, etc.
My comments show up twice, but if I delete one, it deletes both. WTF?

When we were in Savannah, we stopped into the SCAD student shop. I couldn't afford anything. I wonder if Art and Design students ever think "I'm going to be FREAKING RICH!!"?

I hadn't seen an LLBean Catalog in years, so I didn't know they sold Mom jeans. What came in the mail today? An LLBean Catalog! My daughter browsed and said "OMG, LLBean is selling MOM JEANS!!!"