a word from Scot

Scot clicked over to that $3000 dress I linked to last week and sent me this.
I felt compelled to share.

OK, I went and looked at the $3000 dress. While on that page I saw a tab for men's clothing and then one for sweaters. Now I'm thinking that if I give up cable, internet, Netflix, books and medications, if I cut down to one meal a week until the end of the year, I might be able to buy that Balmain Cable-knit sweater. Plus I can order a smaller size! What a beautiful sweater. That page was like sweater porn or something.
SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHT DOLLARS! Who spends seven hundred eight dollars on a sweater? Mitt Romney? (what do you wanna to bet he's got 3 of 'em!?!?) AND what the hell is the eight dollars about? They couldn't just settle on SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS?????
and you know it's the eight dollars that put it just out of reach for us common people.
Here, go look:
I saw one the other day that Ewan McGregor was modeling.

That's a $1350.00 handknit cashmere sweater. This is how the Belstaff company describes it:
Hand knit in one piece, the nubby, marled Kirby achieves defined structure with ease. The sweater fits close to the body despite its thickness. Cashmere wool blend wears softly against the skin. Mock neck offers comfort without bulk.
I assume it also looks good with blue jeans. I'm not buying leather pants again. Been there, done that. Plus I don't know any paste-y looking British women I could sit around and look pretty with. I do admit, I like the way he parks his motorcycle in the fancy sitting room. Theres alot going on in this picture. Look at the chair he's perched on. Its a bit much, don't you think?
Gotta go. I have to go buy laundry soap, ain't that a slap inn the face! Plus Lottery tickets and something made by Hostess.


The Coffee Lady said…
Even Euan looks odd in those trousers.
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kmkat said…
As a knitter, I admire the cabled sweater A LOT. The marled one, not so much. Scot, get yourself an experienced knitter and bribe her/him. Enough nice worsted wool yarn for that sweater in, say, large, would only cost about $200-300 and up.

The reason the female model in the second photo is so pasty faced is because someone who just dashed out of the photo murdered her. That is a dead face if ever I saw one. I think EMcG is the detective inspector who has arrived on the scene to begin his investigation. It's because he is police that he can drive his motorcycle into the ritzy sitting room with impunity.
L.P. said…
Hilarious, though I have to admit I have lusted in my heart after my share of $708 sweaters (I blame Pinterest).

And if Scot doesn't have a blog, he needs to start one. Now. And send me the link.
Paola said…
Don't we love Scot!