whilst waiting


We hope you don't need any bread.
K went for supplies for dinner - we have plenty of bread and milk and have never understood why people go crazy for bread and milk in these situations.


That's just crazy. How can they know that? And mightn't it be safer to just turn the power off?


My office pal L sent this photo. She's ready.
People have been have been sending me little notes of sympathy all day. I work with wonderful folks.

Our cable television provider just called to apologize in advance for us losing cable tomorrow. Crazy.

The boys have everything set up in the basement for bailing with and without power.

Middle walks into the room during Real Time With Bill Maher: What's this show? Old guys in suits arguing about bullshit?

Need a compliment? Who doesn't.

You have everything you need for Halloween in your house.


Jen on the Edge said…
Be safe.

The rain and wind have already started down here.
Loretta said…
And what's up with everyone grabbing water. I live in a municipality with city water. Last I looked, faucets don't need electricity.

What we need is chocolate and coffee.
Paola said…
It's all a commercial manouevre to cash in, and they do!

San Tostitos, aiutaci tu. LOL!
Paola said…
manoeuvre, I meant.
NorahS said…
Thinking of you and yours, bb.