We are alone today...Oldest and Middle off to Baltimore, Youngest at Comic Con dressed as Pit. It's a little chilly to be walking around town in bike shorts and a tunic, but he's out there.
Being the hysterically funny parents we are, we advised Oldest and Middle to eat crabs and not get crabs on their adventure.

And what shall we do?
First, I'm shutting down my office email. I never do that. But my boss is on a plane...a luxurious plane, and I can do nothing for him.
Second, we are relaxing.
Third, we are going to The Mall.

I know. All of it.  The mind reels, doesn't it?



kmkat said…
Nothing says cozy like being under a Hudson's Bay blanket.
Anonymous said…
Pouring buckets here today, so I look like you in that photo--feet up, blanket on, kicked back.
Hilary said…
shutting down the office emails... ahhhh we all have to do that sometimes....

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