I've got one dress purchased and one on the way (for my event at the end of the month). Neither are black. That's all I'm going to tell you.

Typeface for doctors.

I never thought of searching Etsy for hostess gifts. (I thought I was set for hostess gifts as the shop where Oldest tattooed sells luxury candles. Alas, he is moving to a shop that sells art.)

Sure, your phone has a timer/alarm/clock, but this site is brilliant.

Zara shoes are pretty...and cheap...and often not leather which, for you, might be good.

At our bedsides we have Japanese hankies as coasters. The perfect thing if one's coffee spills and beautiful to behold.


One from my intern this summer, one from Youngest's host mother in Japan.


That is Edible Selby on K's table. It's a lovely book and, as I see that Amazon has a warning about it, let me reassure you - there is nothing wrong with their inventory.

Pinterest continues to tinker with their design. New people follow me each day, which is nice (are we supposed to care about how many people follow us? I'm in the dark on this) but I will not follow you if you have animal photos or gifs on your Pinterest boards, okay?

I wish to report that I had my first bowl of Pho ever. It was chicken and I squeezed lemon and lime over it and tore basil leaves on to it and then I ate it like they were going to take it away from me.
Oh, Pho, I luff you.

I love this couple's small home but I wish they had a bed for their boys. I'm bad that way.
(I realize I am imposing my values on them - I just cannot imagine getting any sleep with a little kid and a toddler in my bed.)

And, speaking of unrealistic homes for me: I am always amused at the rooms people pin and tag as dream-house rooms. Palatial kitchens, massive bathrooms, houses with pools in them. Who lives like that?

Does anyone have any experience with these? Scot, you needn't reply.


The Coffee Lady said…
Those boys will grow. And soon.
L.P. said…
Your first bowl of Pho? I love that stuff, I consider chicken pho pure comfort food. Now I'm hungry.
Wendy said…
Forgot to tell you that I don't like the vanishing back styles at Soma. It has that rubbery stuff on them. Don't like it on underwear either.

You need to go in, get measured and try on a lot of styles. Sorry, there's no getting around that to find a good fit.
Scot said…
Just because I needn't reply doesn't mean I won't. I mean, I feel kinda sorry for those curvaceous young ladies standing around in their underwear, in the wind and all. :o)
Thanks to you I just spent hours looking around on Etsy and spent LOTS of money on Descoware. I blame you. I think Goerge is going to start listing his pottery on Etsy.
Kind of a shame Oldest is moving to a different shop. I wanted one of those Bergamont candles.
Anonymous said…
The Dr. Typeface is FUNNY!
Etsy is the best place for gifts for almost everybody--except for young boys, teenaged boys and many men. But for all kinds of lady-folk, it's sensational.
Adorable little home--but that's too many people in one bed for my comfort. I cannot sleep with ANYONE touching me.
Tell the truth--you're eying up those red cowgirl booties with the fringe, aren't you?
E said…
Pho rocks. Beloved Husband (who hails from the Irish hinterland) had his first three weeks ago ... it's bound to become a weekly habit.

And pinning the impossible/ridiculous saves us the trouble/embarrasment/expense of pursuing it in concrete form, no?
Paola said…
Zara doesn't thrill me particularly ...
Oldest is changing? I thought he found his thing.
Pho, how I would LOVE to try it. Yes, I have never had it.

Now I can't think of anything else but coloured dress on you.