random stuff for Monday

Groovy, eh? Creepy too!

It IS decorative gourd season, uh, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Rolaids USED to SPELL RELIEF. Rolaids were my go-to for years for indigestion. But no more.
If I am not mistaken, "changing some of our manufacturing facilities where our products are made" has something to do with contaminated tablets. I miss Rolaids.

Jerry is funny all the time, not just in cars.

Look at these amazing model transformations.

Sometimes one likes Daily Shoe, sometimes one doesn't.

Have I mentioned this? You ought to click on this every once in a while (though Middle reports that it has not been as good since they stopped doing the insult of the day).

Go forth. Do well.


I'm glad I wasn't sipping my coffee when I clicked over to motherfucking gourds.

The only sign of fall here is that I switched out the beachy-smelling candle for a cinnamon-scented candle.
Anonymous said…
It's amazing what people can do with makeup, but funny enough I prefer most of the models pre-makeover.
I wish the fashion shoe industry would acknowledge that feet are intended for walking. I love beautiful shoes, but I also enjoy being able to ambulate.
kmkat said…
What I derived from the models' transformations was that if you have brown hair and eyes, you have roughly only a 1-in-7 chance of making it big as a model. Brown hair, blue or green or hazel eyes? Same odds. But if you have white-blonde hair, blue eyes, and high cheekbones you might gave a chance, assuming you are 5'8"+ and weigh 115 lbs soaking wet.
Paola said…
What Green Girl said and definitely what Kmkat said.

Fall ... where are thou ...