Everything is in place for the huge business event I've been working on for Monday evening.
The program is beautiful - probably the nicest one the charity I'm working for has ever seen.
The dinner is arranged, the menu set.
95 of my fellow employees and 400 other industry people are planning to attend.
I've been to a tech rehearsal and the videos I was responsible for look great.
I coerced someone famous to make a video and am very proud to have accomplished it.
The gift bags are packed.
My dress is ready.

And the entire city awaits a very large hurricane, due to hit our area around the time we start serving champagne.
If the mayor declares a state of emergency, the whole shebang is off.

I'm not especially anxious about this. Yet.


L.P. said…
Congratulations on your mad organizing skills! Very, very impressive. (Are you planning to reveal who the "famous person" is? Or at least give out a few hints?)

I'll keep my fingers crossed that said hurricane never materializes.
Hilary said…
Oh goodness... I hope all your hard work isn't for nothing. My fingers are crossed the storm passes, but will be securing everything outside today any way
RW said…
Dear Lord.
Well, it all sounds very grand.
and rather exciting.

Me, I am volunteering at a rather smaller event the Wall O Lanterns.. hundreds of jack o lanterns carved for charity and then staked on scaffolding and lit up at once once the darkness hits... 2nd annual event I will have you know.
Paola said…
Yet ...

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