just another day in Tuvalu

The Scene: K has dropped bb off at the train station. On the way they encounter many film company trucks as Tuvalu is the location for a new film by Martin Scorsese.
Once on the train, bb sees still more trucks and texts K and tells him about all the teamsters in the parking lot.
Later that morning, K IM's bb

K: I asked one of the truck drivers - it's the Marty film.

bb: I KNOW!!!!

K: sorry

bb: it's okay
     I'm just so excited

K: oh - thought you were yelling at me

bb: no - just excited
K: maybe I'll scoot over and get that $50  he owes me


Anonymous said…
ohhh. is the $50 a good story? do tell.
Suse said…
Aaaaarggghhh I just saw the tattoos!

I love them! Even though I could NEVER do it myself.

Hilary said…
So cool! this isn't the first time a movie has been filmed there right?
Anonymous said…
I love Scorcese. Good luck collecting, K!

Anonymous said…
You two are so cute.
Paola said…
How can you not love K!