I've undone it.

Many thanks.


Poppy B. said…
1. Feh.

2. My ancient eyes can't deal with most of these formats.

3. Is Blogger trying to be the new Tumbler?
I missed it!
L.P. said…
I missed it, too. I tend to prefer simple, clean layouts with not too much visual info in one bite. So I can guess how I would've voted. :)
Wendy said…
I just clicked over to look at it and am so glad you dropped it. I prefer classic bb.
Crazy Mom! said…
I'm with Wendy. The classic is best!
Anonymous said…
i really like the classic style in the multi view page layout thingey interface whatchamacallit. Bring back options. its 2013 almost, i want options gdmnit!

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