It's Thursday

What a week.
I am inching closer to the completion of the huge project I'm doing this fall.
On some levels it is thankless. I've lost track of the fact that fundraising for a worthy charity is involved and gotten caught up in the fact that my liaison is an awful human being. I know. I never speak that way about people but there is no denying that this woman is just awful. It could be that she is miserable and, therefore, must make those around her miserable too. She does a good job of it.
I had to deal with her for a few hours today and, afterward, I could have cried - except I am one of those people who will not give the bully the satisfaction of making me cry. I walked to AllSaints instead, intending to buy boots. They were sold out of the ones I wanted.
But this is nothing.
So many other things are happening all around us.
My boys are busy and happy.
The leaves are changing.
And, this morning, we got the news that our friend Marie-Francoise has died.
Our friend Marie-Francoise had a gentle and loving spirit and not a single bad bone in her body.
She was sick for many years and never let it change the time we spent with her. She lived with illness for so long and always smiled and seemed happy.
We will stand by her husband, who is also dear to us, and be good friends. As one does.
And I will try to remember that there are bigger things than annoying co-workers.
We count our blessings.


I'm so sorry about your friend, and i'm so sorry that you have to deal with nastiness. Hope you find those boots in another place.
Duyvken said…
I'm so sorry for the loss of Marie-Francoise. These things are hard.
Suse said…
Oh love, i'm so sorry to hear that. Condolences to you all and to her family.

L.P. said…
Goodness, quite a week. My condolences to you.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad one woman's nastiness is outweighed by so much other goodness.
Sorry about your loss--I have a dear friend who is 86 and I know when she dies I will mourn her for a long time.