in the hands of the gods

Let's just sit back and watch the situation unfold, shall we?
Let's just click away from the weather maps and the anxiety and look at the internet.

You know that The Sartorialist is doing this, right?
So, these ladies, who love to bash him just a little, did this.
(BTW, I've given up my dream of being shot by him and am quite sure he'd describe me as "stocky" or "sturdy." Worse, still, he'd probably photograph the woman next to me and ask me to step aside.)

Oops. Middle just sent me this...funny, but NOT.
Did you know they're calling it FRANKENSTORM?

Look at this - it's shot with the camera K might want for Christmas.




We're in an action zone, awaiting news.


Anonymous said…
We got a GoPro about a month ago. Fabulous little thing!

alice c said…
I've just been to see Skyfall and all I could think about was Landfall of Sandy. You are in my thoughts, dear bb.
kmkat said…
When he gets the camera, K can do his own version of that video. In the back yard. Using your boys and the garden hose. (Could be worse -- he could do his own version on a real mountain/surf/rapids.)
Thank God I wasn't sipping coffee when I clicked over to SartorialZoo. I snorted.

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